Claim Your Uniform Tax Rebate

Do You wear a uniform for work?
Do You have to wash and maintain your uniform?
Do You have to do this without any help from your Employer?

If you can answer yes to these three simple questions then you should be entitled to a Uniform Tax Rebate! By the way, you can backdate this for the last four years as long as you have been wearing a uniform during that time.

Uniform Tax Rebates Explained

A lot of people are aware that they can claim back tax for washing and ironing their work uniforms, but they believe it must be a complicated process. After all, we are dealing with the Tax man. At Uniform Tax Refunds we have made this process as simple as possible by providing you with everything you need to make your claim.

A Uniform tax rebate is for money that you have already paid to HMRC and they have had free use of it for many years. Don't you think it's time to claim it back? After all, you are the one who has been doing the washing and ironing so you should be the one to spend the money.

At Uniform Tax Refunds we do not take a penny commission from what you get back. ALL the money is yours to spend on whatever you want.

How much can you Claim back?

The amount you can Claim back depends on your occupation and different occupations have different amounts that you can claim.

We have written an easy to use Calculator to help you. The calculator is based on Industry Average Rates (as at April 2012) and as such will give you a fairly accurate idea of what you can expect to receive should your claim be successful.

How do HM Revenue and Customs pay for this Tax rebate for washing your uniform?

HM Revenue and Customs will send you a cheque for the rebate. This cheque will arrive about five weeks after they receive your application. HM Revenue and Customs should also adjust your Tax Code so that for future years you will be paying slightly less tax.

What rules do HM Revenue and Customs apply before deciding if you are eligible for a Uniform Tax Rebate?

What happens after you Claim for a Tax rebate for washing your uniform?

About two weeks after you send off your claim you will receive a letter from HM Revenue and Customs to tell you if your application is successful.

If your application has been successful, then after another week you will receive another letter showing the breakdown of how HM Revenue and Customs have calculated your rebate amount.

After a further two weeks you should recieve your cheque.

Sample Tax Rebate Cheque
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How do you Claim your Tax rebate for washing your uniform?

Simply visit our Order page and select either the downloadable or postal version of the Uniform Tax Refund forms. Whichever you choose, the forms are available for a one-off cost of 2.99. When you have the forms, fill them in and send them to HM Revenue and Customs.

Please keep in mind that we do not take any commission.